Cold air temperatures impact the body

Cold air temperatures impact the body via a colder skin temperature and by breathing in colder air. A colder skin temperature causes vasoconstriction, which leads to increased resistance in peripheral circulation and an increase in blood pressure.11,15 Other physiological changes after cold exposure include increased blood viscosity,11,15 reduced heart rate14 and increased inflammatory factors such as plasma cholesterol,11,16 fibrinogen16 and C reactive protein.17Improving the thermal quality of homes using either insulation or heating has been shown to improve residents’ health.10 Studies of improved insulation and heating in Scotland demonstrated improvements in the residents’ blood pressure and self rated general health.18,19 A randomised controlled trial in New Zealand found home insulation to be associated with better self rated health, fewer days off school and work and fewer visits to the general practitioners (GPs).20 These studies provide strong evidence that keeping people warmer in winter has many health benefits. If home insulation and heating can improve health, then this strongly suggests that better personal insulation should also improve health.To our knowledge, there are no studies of the health benefits of thermal clothing during winter.

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