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Corn is a high carbohydrate vegetable, so it shouldn’t be the only one your child eats. But it provides thiamine that helps convert carbohydrates into energy, heart healthy folate, and antioxidants to help fight disease. Much of the conventional corn in the United States grows from genetically modified seeds, so buying organic always a good idea in the vegetable world is especially recommended..

Toyota, the hybrid pioneer, is helping the hybrid cause in other ways as well. The Prius has grown its sales by 67 per cent since its total redesign for 2016. That growth was more than enough to offset modest declines for the older Prius c subcompact, Prius v wagon, and the Highlander Hybrid CUV..

Dan Waddle, a traffic engineer for the Nebraska Department of Roads, said he’s never given any thought to roundabouts on the urban portion of 281. He wouldn’t want to comment without looking at traffic volume on 281. There is a “pretty high amount of traffic on some of that stretch,” he said..

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