Obama should be praised for getting

Obama should be praised for getting the country out of the Bush quagmire and guaranteeing health care for all citizens as well as supporting equal rights for all Americans. Now marriage equality and the ACA are the law of the land and I could not be happier. We have carried Christian based laws of discrimination against LGBTQ citizens long enough..

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Trump has backed away from an independent stance on a sovereign Taiwan, unexpected talk that jolted the Chinese in the days after his campaign victory. But this week, the fuse was lit anew as North Korea launched a missile off its coast. Officials said the launch was a failure and didn threaten North America, but the incident underscored volatile strongman Kim Jong un intent to advance his weaponry in defiance of international law..

I get things out in the air and then embellish them. I think of myself as an unreliable narrator, a mistake machine. Walker has become a darling of the art world (the original Emancipation Approximation recently sold for $125,000), not everyone is convinced that the artist has noble intentions.

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